The next installment of

The Adventures of
Gonj & Duby

Is coming!

This week, please enjoy these older comics that pre-date Gonj & Duby and are from my days as a long-term substitute teacher for the Los Angeles School District.  The first one, Here’s Johnny, ridicules a term that became a buzz word in the teaching arena, referring to the state standards, and the specific way that you had to teach them to the students.

The second comic, Focus for Duress, refers to a curriculum called Focus for Success, and the dreadful way that the administration came and brow-beat, strong-armed and otherwise demoralized the teachers into adopting it.

The third cartoon is called In the Teacher’s Lounge.  After the trainings on Focus, the district would send armies of clip-board wielding administrators to do walk-throughs at the school sites, to make sure everyone was complying with the new mandates. 

Peace my homies!