The next installment of

The Adventures of

Gonj & Duby

will be ready soon! (a week or so)

For now, please enjoy this comic from the eighties.  A brief background:  My father worked for car dealerships in his long career, but in the eighties he and Jack Bryant opened their own used car lot, called JB Auto.  My dad obtained and maintained the cars, and Jack was the archetypical used car dealer.  My dad would go to the car auction, and buy cars that people traded in to dealerships.  He would then spruce them up, fix any small thing, and Jack would resell them.  To see a G & D comic involving JB Auto Sales, click here.

The types of people that my dad worked around were not the creme de la creme of society, and he often regaled us with stories regarding these low life characters that he associated with.  This comic today, reflects those sentiments, and is my favorite from that era.  I feel that it captures perfectly how my imagination pictured the larcenous thugs, bums and shady goons that worked in the used car business with my dear ol’ dad.