The next exciting installment of

The Adventures of Gonj & Duby

Is coming!

Today, enjoy this 1987 birthday card for my mom.  Flory Fuzelli was a well-known bargain shopper and coupon clipper.  She was rumored to have given grocery store checkers coupons for things she didn’t even buy, and in those days, you could pull off a scam like that. 

Also featured in this comic is my grandma Miss Lena. English was Lena’s second language and she would often commit strange and wonderful expressions.  One time while driving her to Mass, she saw someone on the street and exclaimed, “Oooh, I know her, I know her I just can’t replace her!”

And in those days, the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers often advertised in LA.  So once she was telling me about, “Those people Dante, they came to the house with their religion.  You know, the Jacoby and Witnesses”.  Click here to see a Gonj and Duby Comic featuring Miss Lena.

Peace my homies!