While you anxiously await for the next installment of

The Adventures of
Gonj & Duby,

Cartoon Headquarters happily present some cool comics
from the old days.


The first comic introduces Eddie Cain, a good-natured chubby fellow. This was true story, when my friends and I were in transit to the Renaissance Faire in 1980.  I had made a sandwich to eat on the way, but before I could take a mouthful, Eddie grabbed it out of my hand, took a bite, and then when he realized he didn’t like avocado, tuna and alfalfa sprouts, spit it out and threw the sandwich out the window.  The only embellishment was that he punched me, which he did not.  But I did sulk the rest of the ride, as I felt that his stealing a bite could be excused, but not his decision that the meal was unfit for anyone to eat! 

The other comics picture my old friends: Matt, Marc, Bruce and myself.  They feature Ralph, who was a Mormon pal of ours from high school, and deals with Ralph’s burgeoning monomaniacal tendencies. He had always maintained that he was the brainchild of all our boyish pranks and adventures and that we were all his flunkies, which was a delusion on his part. 

I must have been between jobs at the time, hence the hammock with the umbrella drink in the background.  Matt worked at Alpha Beta grocery store, and Bruce worked at the University in the Entomology department, and his job at that time was counting nematodes, (microscopic worms) in soil samples.  We always joked with Bruce that he’s probably just a dishwasher at the college.  Some of Ralph’s odd inexplicable sayings were: uligometer, hawkety hawkety and when referring to any repairs on his car, jokingly referred to some device that needed to be replaced as a johnson rod.   So these odd saying are incorporated in the cartoon. 

The last comic shows, after the mind link was destroyed, the flunkies (me, Matt and Marc) at their new jobs.  I had become very involved at church, Matt went to the Academy of Dramatic Acting, and Marc was doing plays in New York and London, and we all thought he would become rich and famous, which he did not. Also mentioned was Mrs. Clyde, who was the austere and humorless librarian from our high school.  We pulled not a few pranks in her domain and came under her watchful eye whenever we would find ourselves in close quarters with her.  

From all of us here at Cartoon Headquarters, 
want to wish you all

a Happy New Year.

Peace my homies!