While I put the finishing touches to the next installment of

The Adventures of Gonj & Duby,

enjoy some cool stuff from my undergraduate work
at Cal State Fullerton and one from this weekend:

1) This is a self portrait, and the assignment had to show some sort of sequence.  When it hung on the critique rail, many were the speculations of why I chose a monochromatic scheme..some thought it was to show mood, others to show some sort of organic connection to nature.  The real reason was I only had a tube of green watercolor left and was too lazy or broke to replenish my supplies. 

2) This was assignment was to create a design for a decorative plate and we had to use 3 separate found images. The girl is stolen from  Maxfield Parrish, the pattern around her was found in a piece of material I picked up at Goodwill, and I threw in the crown.  The medium is gouache, which is similar to working with watercolor, but is opaque. 

3) The dude was a sketch from a live drawing class.  I added the angel and was able to hand in the same project again in an illustration class.   

4 & 5) I found this ad last week in an old “Look” magazine from 1965, and did a pencil sketch of the interesting face, probably due to his “Pack after pack, day after day” philosophy.