There’s no telling when the next installment of

The adventures of Gonj & Duby

will be ready.

But since the name of this web comic is in fact
Cartoon Headquarters,

 I felt that it would not be inappropriate to put up,
for my readers amusement, 2 golden oldies:

#1 is card I made for my mother on Mother’s Day, 1982.  It is basically an introduction to the players in my immediate family at that time.  Featured are my grandparents, who always had this petty bickering going on. My brother is on the left, antagonizing my mom’s cockatiel Naggy, and me on the right, offering the rabbit food.  She used to heat him up corn muffins with butter in the morning!  And there is my dad, behind the newspaper as usual, annoyed at the commotion.

#2… Since I made her a card that year, I felt like I needed to make my dad one as well.  Back then, I was driving a red, 1966 Ford Mustang, (barely featured in the comic) and dating elaine who would later become the mother of my children.  In those days, my ineptitude with all things mechanical was well known, and so the family had a good chuckle, all around, at my expense! 

Peace my homies!

Funky D.